Clean Energy for your Budget

Whether you're looking for clean, alternative energy or are exploring energy options for your budget. We have the perfect plan for you.

We know that adding solar to your home is a major commitment both financially and aesthetically. That's why we make sure that each of our home installations is customized to your needs and meets your lifestyle and budget.

At any point in the design and installation process, we're happy to circle back with you to make sure that the look and the cost are right for you. This is a decision that can last for the life of your house and your family. We are always ready to listen to you.

Hydrogen Electric is an honest and reliable company that was able to meet my timeline and budget. They take pride in their work and my installation shows that.

-John Stephen



Residential Tax Credits

The federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows homeowners to deduct 30% of the cost of the installation of a solar energy system from federal taxes. This tax credit was recently extended by Congress until 2021 and works to help homeowners find affordable solutions to smart energy decisions. 



Cost Savings

Google is in the Beta testing phase for a new feature called Project Sunroof. There you can enter your city, address or state and get a detailed estimate of the energy potential of your roof and potential cost/benefits for solar power.

Your Carbon Footprint

Are you interested in what switching to solar power would do for your carbon footprint? Well you're in luck, the EPA has an easy to use calculator that can tell you what your carbon footprint currently is and how changes, like using renewable energy, will affect that footprint.

Costs in Colorado

According to EnergySage, the average Coloradoan can expect to save $16,635 dollars over a 20 year period using solar panels.


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