Below are some of the testimonials from previous customers experience:

Mike Carmien, of Hydrogen Electric, designed and installed a 10 kW photovoltaic system on the roof of my house. I am thrilled with it! As I have an all-electric house, my bills were quite high– they are now next-to-nothing. Between the Xcel rebates and the tax credits I received, the cost of the system was quite reasonable. Mike and his colleagues were professional, respectful, prompt and thoughtful. I love proclaiming to the world that I am “walking the walk” as an environmentally responsible citizen. 

Leslie Jabaily -2009

Hydrogen Electric installed a rooftop 10kW solar system for me in 2009, I was thrilled. I loved the price, which after rebates and tax credits was quite reasonable. I loved the way it looked; and being a “green heart” I loved that I was able to reduce my carbon footprint.
Six years later, I love to open my electric bill! Most of the year, my electricity bill for my 5 bedroom house, hot tub and A/C is next to zero. When I use air conditioning in the summer, I don’t have to feel guilty about “wasting electricity”. It’s renewable!
The system is attractive to behold, and I have had zero maintenance issues. 

Leslie Jabaily -2015

People are still loving their systems years later!

Hydrogen Electric is an honest and reliable company that was able to meet my timeline and budget. They take pride in their work and my installation shows that.

John Stephen -2008

When Hydrogen Electric installed a rooftop 4kW solar system for me in 2008, I loved the price, which after rebates and tax credits was quite reasonable. I had a water heating solar system that I installed in the late 1980’s and now the PV system compliments that allowing me to reduce my carbon footprint even more. I love the way it blends into the landscape! The best part of this PV system, is that I have had no maintenance issues at all.

John Stephen -2015

Our 5kW pole mount system was installed by Hydrogen Electric in the fall of 2008. The PV system has allowed us to keep our electrical bill to a minimum; in fact we received a cash rebate from the XCEL all but one year. I added a remote monitor to my system and get a real kick out of checking it every day. I have seen the system crank out 5kW on a cool sunny spring day and total 36kW hours at days end. WOW!

Karl Hoff

Here at the Solid Waste department, each month we look forward to seeing our electric bill. Our 19kw solar array provides enough electricity that we are able to provide all the electric needs for our administration building and our household hazardous waste site. It is nice to know we can count on our sun for our renewable energy needs.

Stephen Gillett

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